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If your parents had put the $100,000 in the bank and costs only rose 2% a year your money today  would only buy $4,264.18 today because the money lost $95,735.18 in buying power in 100 years. The bank made money loaning it out and your lost buying power!. This is not a good idea. 

Have you heard about poisoned food lately?. Something or someone has been poisoning our food. If you haven't heard someone  is changing our food like STRAWBERRIES, SPINACH, KALE, NECTARINES, APPLES, GRAPES, PEACHES, CHERRIES, PEARS, TOMATOES, CELERY, POTATOES AND HOT PEPPERS. Now 99% of all strawberries tested have pesticides and residue is the problem. Continuing with strawberries 92% has the highest level of pesticide residues! These berries are not good for children. Strawberries were found with up to 22 different pesticides on a single strawberry and 23 different pesticides were found on a single sample. Then nearly 60% of Kale samples which is supposedly good for you are bad and sold in the US, tested positive for cancer causing pesticides which are prohibited in Europe, can cause harm in the lungs, liver, kidney and thyroid and maybe possible carcinogen. We should be supporting the purchases of the cleaner Honeydew Melons, Avocados, Mushrooms, Onions, Pineapples, Papayas, Broccoli, Cauliflowers, Cabbage, Kiwis, Eggplant and Sweet Peas but only if frozen! I hope you didn’t miss the fine given to Monsanto has already been fined  to pay 8 billion in fines for selling a Monsanto product and Monsanto is not a US Government business!. Monsanto's Round Up had been fined and causing sickness and possible death and can cause cancer as I understand it. But for Monsanto this is small change and they will increase a  price or two on chemicals to cover it. But did a supposed Government has this been going on longer. Is anyone checking the older representatives to see if this went back more than 12 years? Oh that fine was 8 million dollars for selling a product for your garden called Round Up and it infected people with cancer etc. Right now Monsanto’s legal counsel is running the FDA.. So how did a Monsanto product get to sold buy a Government business the " FDA" it but we must demand that all Government positions need to have a background check before approving. I think we should check all supposid businesses before we let them represent as  being the head of any part of our Government and the fine should be huge. This is the fox guarding the hen house and profiting massively plus a huge penalty. 

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Then Covid-19 came along and a new problems showed up. Meanwhile America's position in dying was getting worse and dropping worse so that Japan was the longest living city and number 2 in the longest living in the entire world the US lived 5 years less than the Japanese. 

Japanese now have used the 2.5 pH acidic water to sterilize their hospitals since 1974 and this water at 2.5 pH is almost 50,000 times more acidic than normal water.. As I looked into this In America, the FDA is a part of the US Government for at least the last 12 years and I would love to see a breakdown on the owners were before the last two which ran it the last 12 years! The last 2 people were in charge of running the FDA during Obama and then Trump. So I looked up the person in charge of it now and it is Monsanto’s Legal Counsel to MONSANTO, at Monsanto Chemicals! I would like to see when that happened.           

There are 7 waters made with a plug in machine and one water can sterilize a  hospital system in Japan and currently they have more than 3 million water machines worldwide but that is still only about 1% of the world’s population. Your pick out the machine you need and make a down payments and monthly payment until it is paid off and then you pay pennies for water and my machine was purchase 10's of thousands to buy increasing chemicals FOREVER and this 2.5pH is almost 50,000 more acidic and the machines can be rebuilt at a much lower cost than new and can continue making these waters from 2.5 pH acidic to 11.5 Ph and alkalized. Why this isn’t used instead of US Monsanto always rising expensive chemicals of the life of the hospital vs rebuilding your 1 piece replaceable and the our 5 year shorter life span? See a video on how this water is used in restaurants which is just one of its many ways to make money! We suggest you view the how a restaurant increases income when using this machine and after it is paid off it continues to make money maybe for decades. The nice thing is when the machine is paid off water is a lot less than paying for chemicals for ever and ever as water costs just pennies! I think the public needs to understand what is going on below. Now a few companies that should have bought into this but didn't and? So where did the #1 world’s toy manufacturer Toys R US go? - Closed all – moved to China and starting a one store comeback! Sears closed 300 stores, sold 300 & bankrupt! -  GM closing 5 plants and laying off 15% of employees! -  Lowe’s closing 53 stores! - The GAP closing 800 stores & bankrupt! - Penney’s closing 27 stores! - Victoria’s Secret closing 53 stores! - Kids Gymboree closing 800 & bankrupt - Ford laying off! -  Why are 50% of Americans within $1,000 of filling bankruptcy? -  Why are 78% percent in the US. living paycheck to paycheck? - But did costs drop? No because no one knows what is going to happen with the FED and the home loans are for decades! -  Sears sold another 26 store! - We just lost Pier 1 after 8 negative quarters, just closed 450 stores, filed BK and 300 jobs lost and 100 corporate employees are gone! - In September, - Forever 21 closed 178 US stores with a total of 350 worldwide stores gone. Marie Calendars closed 29 stores! This happens because they raise their price their price when they should be developing a NEW INCOME - Bed Bath & Beyond will permanently close 200 stores within the next two years, the company announced. This retailer released its plans to shut down 21 percent of its stores beginning later in 2020. Bed Bath & Beyond, which runs Buy Buy Baby, Harmon Face Values, Christmas Tree Shops, and World Market, said the closures will “mostly” apply to Bed Bath & Beyond stores which are permanently closing 200 stores within the next two years! The company announced the retailer released its plans to shut down 21 percent of its stores beginning later in 2020. Bed Bath & Beyond, which runs Buy Buy Baby, Harmon Face Values, Christmas Tree Shops, and World Market, said the closures will “mostly” apply to Bed Bath & Beyond stores. 24 HOUR FITNESS CLOSES 18 GYMS IN SO CAL DESPITE STATE PERMISSION FOR FITNESS CENTERS TO REOPEN and now they have to close again.  JC Penny,  J Crew Group are conducting meetings while Neiman Marcus, Hertz, and GOLDS GYM all closed. Sur La Table, best known for its high-end kitchenware and cooking classes, filed for bankruptcy. The company permanently closed more than 50 stores and sold 70 of its successful locations to a private equity firm, Fortress Investments! So how are you doing with ever increasing prices. 

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The Japanese live the 2nd longest life of everyone on earth while the US ranks 43rd in world but China is #144. I joined after my first pacemaker and it had to removed within hours but I was at the hospital. Hare are a few words from our CDC in health care. The shorten links are from  Bit.ly .

Then I found, Based on a large sample of U.S. acute care hospitals, the survey found that on any given day, about 1 in 25 hospital patients has at least one healthcare-associated infection.  See  https://bit.ly/3dH5rOl

US hospitals report to CDC yearly that 721,000 catch staph and others virus or bacterial infections in US hospitals. 75,000 die yearly https://bit.ly/38bWP0Z 

The CDC has only improved a few percent better over these years! Are you ready for the bombshell? The person who is running the FDA for at least the last 11 years and Monsanto’s Legal Council is in charge of it today. Yes this is same Monsanto who gave us “Round Up” and who is paying huge damages but they probably raised a few prices and paid for that but the cat is out of the bag. Try not to explode but the Democrats for 8 years and 3 years under Republicans and both groups hid this.  didn't. I can’t help to wonder why this is still going on today!  Who is going to pay damages? Can we sue Monsanto to pay off our national debt? And before you explode understand that both political parties were in charge but Obama and could have stopped this. And Trump had it for 3 years. This is going to take over the news.  

The Japanese designed an electrical plug in model machine. It features a 2.5pH acidic water and the testing is also shown at multiple locations on water up to a pH of 11.5 pH. alkalized water.made by a plugged in machine plugged into a wall socket with electricity. This water from a Japanese made machine is in 1 out of every 6 homes in Japan who live  that started to deliver the machines to Japanese hospitals in 1979.  Starters joined and after some sales they became a 2a and I am 6A, My wife is a 5A and daughter will be a 2A on her next sale. I have been collecting info on this since 2007. My #1 is a 6A4  This is both health and might become incomes in the millions and I grew up with many of the leaders of Kangen Water and I attended first a meeting a week and more and more. I would like to thank the Russians who showed their machine to the Japanese and the Japanese designed and manufactured the machines at 100%. They are well known in the world but only about 1% of the world knows about this.

The first machines started at Japanese Hospitals in 1974. The Japanese hold the #1 longest living city residents in the world and is # 2 for long living country in the world while the US used to be 37th and now ranks 43rd. and is China is #144 in the world. This is NOT a multilevel marketing company where the top person makes most of the money. Rules and websites may have changed since 2006.when I started.to build  under one the pillars of this company.  

Well it is time to send you to our first website so input occocc.com and that takes you to my main website and the the water site can get to you to website is naturalmedicalhealth.com goes to my water site that I have been on the water since 2007. The story starts in I974. A limo was moving a top Japanese sales person around when his passenger asked why are there long lines standing in line around the hospitals and they are carrying empty big bottles. The driver said his mom had gone to the hospital and she the story of new water machine and not only did it cure why she went for but it cured other things she hadn't told the doctor about and home units weren't made yet so the public brought there bottles to get the water and the passenger said I have to own this company and he did just that. The fact are the US ranks 43rd position for length of life. BIG PHARMA aka Monsanto is selling chemicals world wide. It is also the cheapest water to buy may come from the worst polluted water like the Detroit were hundreds and hundreds of dead bodies have been pulled out and the water has to pass US Government standards and the companies voted for 4 ways to say it. The big secret is that water must have an approved name and they approved the word "Pure", "Purest" "Purified" or "Ultra Pure" water. But this water isn't the same but it is clear of pesticides but your body as you know has a stomach that is extremely acidic so an 8.0 veggie comes out of the stomach at 3.25 or 3.5  or a little higher but Intestines stay shut as the changed water can't become over 8.1 pH to open and the food and benefits continues to the toilet.

Good clean more expensive water has Calcium, Magnesium, sodium potassium and trace minerals to bring the contents above 8.1 pH and the body is nourished. So if your water has pure, purist, purified or ultra pure you are adding acidity and the one thing that this machine does it the machines water used to have acid in it but this has been removed by the machine and you want to have that happen which is why the Japanese have a machine in 1 our out of every 6 homes is acidity goes down the toilet. I am a 6A and wife is 5A. and daughter will be 2A on her next sale. Most water bottles have a code from 1 to 7 on the bottom and only 2s and 7s should be refilled as the bottle is breaking down in sunlight to chemicals. Only 2s and 7s can be carried around in sunlight. The other numbers are never to be refilled! NEVER!  Also some bottles start out good but times is not your friend. Some reach 4 years.. Are you redeady to see my suggestion against our virus?. First we start showing why you need to know about of virus and what they are telling you about. Now let's see what the CDC is really doing. etc, etc,etc,etc.    



Third party safety certifications are below! 



View download | What is this?
ISO 9001 – Proof of licensing of Standard of Quality and Management system.

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ISO 14001 – Proof of licensing of Environmental Management system.

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ISO 13485 – Proof of
licensing of Medical Device.

Issued by Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, Government of Japan.
License Number: 27B2X00070

Issued by Osaka Prefecture.
License Number: 27BZ006010

Issued by United States Patent and Trademark Office.
Registration Number: 4,063,154

Change Your Water – Change Your Life . Issued by United States Patent and Trademark Office.
Registration Number: 3,852,774

Issued by Direct Selling Association for the year 2015.
License Number: 27B2X00070

The information on this certificate has been made a part of the Copyright Office records.

Certificate of FDA Food Facility.
Registration Number: 15226513166

Issued by the Water Quality Association for 2017

Exclusive trademark status
Translated Certificate

Issued by the Water Quality Association

Issued for Enagic USA, Inc, #60

Certificate of Recognition Presented to:
Enagic USA Inc.

The Chart on would this water can kill was prior to the Covid 19 was discovered deadly.  The left side of the chart shows other viruses. Mini dangerous diseases and

Japanese are the longest and the Japanese have a machine in one out of 6 homes in Japan since 1974 in their hospitals since 1974 and home units came out after 1993.

japan hospitals since 1974 had 2.5 acidic water killing viruses and sickness in under 2 minutes. It killed greater than 99.999% of  virus and bacteria in under 2 minutes an

most in 10 to 30 seconds.  

While our CSC was reporting 




                                                                                                                                                      BERNADETTE_2.jpg - 5.39 kB

So did you guess her age? Our 2nd money suggestion is water but no US water nor any other water in the Americas. and it has 7 different ways. So if you have started earning money do you want more money? This water I drink was introduced by the Russians to the Japanese, who studied the effects of water and they introduced their machine to the Japanese hospitals, who spent most of the next two decades gathering information on people, drinking, and healthy water and their machines went to the Japanese hospitals who introduced water to people starting in 1974 and after 4 years the Japanese was one of the longest living people and most don't believe China's claim which is in doubt and especially now with www.covid19sterilzation.com, The water is called Kangen Water. and at that time Today you can make a down payment near a $1,000 they will finance buyers over years with or without credit. I think I put down $850 and they financed the rest. I bought their flagship the SD 501 at the time for $3980 and it is still that price 13 years later. Different countries have different electricity and MILLIONS OF MACHINES ARE ALL OVER THE WORLD. They live 5 years longer the ones using just chemicals!!! 

The longest living CITY  in the world is Okinawa, Japan! 

The Top 10 countries for longest Life Times are below and below that North America is the last one down below.

1 Monaco 89.52
2 Japan 84.74
3 Singapore 84.68
4 Macau 84.51
5 San Marino 83.24
6 Iceland 82.97
7 Hong Kong 82.86
8 Andorra 82.72
9 Switzerland 82.50
10 Guernsey 82.47


40 Taiwan 79.98
41 Virgin Islands 79.89
42 Turks and Caicos Islands 79.69
43 United States 79.68


So did you guess her age?  Here is her today. Here she comes. READY!








BERNADETTE_2_1.jpg - 13.52 kB

She DIED over 140 years ago and she is on display and 5 million have been coming yearly to Lourdes France. This was caused by very alkalized water that has been found in 7 locations naturally in the world. The only similar water in the Americas is in located in TLACOTE MEXICO! It is out about 30 miles from Mexico City. Magic Johnson of the Lakers Basketball team and later the General Manager had the water from Mexico delivered to him and he bought 12 of these machines for the Lakers. The lady became Saint Bernadette" and she resides  in her coffin  in LOURDES, FRANCE.  Five million come yearly to see her and drink the water.  They have found others like  her  and some are in glass coffins  too.  Hopefully you now understand that water can be different and not all water is the same!  There are more people in coffins near here. Saint Bernadette was buried and 5 Million come yearly for the water and to see her coffin above yearly and there are others like "Saint Bernadette"! and I suggest you try her water. They have found others much like her and some are in glass coffins too. Hopefully you now understand that not all water is same! So on to the water machines! I have a few used machines and one new extra machine. Just email us at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  



We have to thank the Russians for introducing the first water machines who introduced it to the Japanese and they made their machines and introduced it in 1974 to Japanese Hospitals. Now the Japanese were among the longest living on the planet. You must understand the differences between alkalized water (made by electricity) and the other waters is called alkaline water is with chemicals!  Kangen Water came out early and the only other word for water was alkaline.So they came out as alkaline water and remained today but the must understand the first two videos to understand the difference between Alkalized and Alkaline water water. I suggest you watch this video multiple times  at  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t-mUB2yiPzQ. 

If you did not see the white board explanation of alkalized and or alkaline you need to know the difference in the two water. One water is made with chemicals and the other is made using electricity. There  are  massive differences in the rest of the waters. These 2 waters  are totally different. First, water bottle labels must be read   buying any! The US water code word is "pure" in any form of the word. PURE, PURIFIED, ULTRA PURE and PUREST I know it is cheaper but  DON'T BUY IT. The water was so bad everything had to be removed and is usually cheaper water and everything in this case has been removed including the need minerals to raise to raise the digested food and it can't reach 8.1 pH so it is sent to the toilet instead of using it in the body. A bad example of water could be from the Detroit River and others that had hundreds of dead bodies removed before you bought it and all the minerals your body needs raise the pH so it can enter the intestine and be used.

It's usually a cheaper water! Many refer to this water as "dead" water. We suggest do not buy this water! Your body needs to have Calcium, Magnesium, Sodium and Potassium and others found in "live"water to raise the pH to above 8.1 pH to allow entrance to the intestines. If not you can get acid-reflux as I understand. If any chemicals it isn't above 8.1 the intestines prevent it from entering and you get acid indigestion etc.. Example, a veggie of 8.0 pH is consumed and comes out of the stomach around 3.25 pH to 3.5 pH and it needs to rise to above 8.1 pH before the intestine's open for the body to feed. Water is one of those foods that drinking alkalized water that used to have acids so drinking it removes the acids and sends them down the drain!  If you drink the "Pure" water it used to have Calcium, Magnesium, and Sodium. Drinking this "Pure water" pulls them out of your body and sends them down the drain. You must have these or your body can't raise the pH to over 8.1 pH. This is documented, I recommend reading from Dr. EMOTO and  Dr. SHINYA who have decades teaching these forms of water. 

I do want to thank the Russians for studying the waters of the world! This new water came in seven variations and was found at a few natural lakes on earth! Then after testing it was shown what this water did and they redesigned and built their machines first for hospitals and to people to the Japanese.  About 5 million people come to Lourdes France a year to drink the water and see a famous person. The closest natural lake to the US is in Tlecote Mexico and see the “The Miracle Water of Tlacote,” and a Laker Basketball player has quite a story. There  were no home machines until 1993 and 1994 when home units came out. The water story, as I understand it was one day a limo driver was driving his limousine  by a Japanese hospital and his passenger was a top sales rep drove by and he asked why the hospital had huge waiting lines of people standing around it outside and all the people were carrying empty bottles. The driver told the story of his mother going in the hospital and told the doctor her ailments and he gave her a large bottle of water to drink and she did and not only did it cure what she told the doctor but it cured other ailments that she had and had not told the doctor about! Later the passenger became the head of Kangen Water! 

These machines make alkalized water if you watched the earlier video via electricity not chemicals. The story of this natural water was identified by the Russians. I have a huge library of articles and videos over my 13 years. Here is one you probably don't know. On the bottom of plastic bottle is a triangle with a number from 1 to 7. Your plastic bottles are deteriorating going back to becoming buy sun and heat in your car. Only a bottle with a  2 and 7 should ever be refilled or left in a hot car or especially if left in a direct sunlight as the bottle is deteriorating back to petroleum!!! One well known water can take up to 3 years before consumption from bottling, waiting for a ship to come and get loaded and delivered then waiting for pick to be stored at a where house and finally delivered and then maybe be displayed outside in the full sunlight and then taken home and eventually consumed. In those early days of water bottles only one word described an unusual water and that was alkaline! Enagic has been around for multiple decades and it still says alkaline but it has always been "electrified water" and it is really "Alkalized water." I gave you the story of pure, purist, ultra pure and purified waters and why you should not buy it and our Government knows it. Another feature of water is it's ability to clean Water has a number associated size of water for cleaning the body of bad things and and regular water is typically 22 to 28 clusters in Cluster Size in the US. Alkalized water from Enagic in size is from 4 to 6 clusters for a more complete interior body cleaning than  22 to 28 size water water clusters of today.

Notice: The content of this website are for good health and educational purposes only, and are not intended to treat medical conditions. Do not use this as a replacement for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. If you have any concerns or questions about your health, symptoms, or medical condition, consult with a licensed physician or other health-care professional. Nutritional coaching is not intended to treat, mitigate, or cure disease: suggestions are intended to be complementary to the services of a licensed practitioner. If you plan to implement dietary or lifestyle changes, always first consult with your physician. For medical nutrition therapy, we encourage you to request a referral to a Registered Dietitian. Comments or opinions expressed on this website are those of their respective contributors only. The views expressed on this website do not necessarily represent the views of the website owner, its management or employees. Not all material is within a year. The website owner is not responsible for, and disclaims any and all liability for the content of comments written by contributors to this website!

I am curious, however about Fluoride? it's great for reducing tooth decay 25%.. However HHS, the U.S.  Department of Health and Human Services, says the limit should be .07% as their previous water was from .07% to 1.2 (Parts per million) because the warmer the climate the worse it is for your body as I understand it. Also the warmer areas drank more water per the Children's Dental Health Project but bad for my California! Here are the areas .in blue known to have bad water and I am in California.   

 The cause of Fluoride is caused by making fertilizer!!! Which completes the circle back to chemicals! I have many videos and articles for my over 300+ customers of Kangen Water Machines. Check here for more details about Toxic

I am a collector of information and I doubt besides the company few have as much information. During my 12 years with this water, I have attended 100's75,000 die of classes. The US averages $643,000 in medical bankruptcies for healthcare. The rest of the major countries have paid medical with no losses at all. 

Next  are two statements from the CDC telling how good is US health care is!

This report is for educational  purposes only!  Based on a large sample of U.S. acute care hospitals,

How good is the CDC

Based on a large sample of U.S. acute care hospitals, the survey found that on any given day, about 1 in 25 hospital patients has at least one healthcare-associated infection. https://bit.ly/3dH5rOl

US hospitals report to CDC yearly that 721,000 catch staph and others virus or bacterial infections in US hospitals. 75,000 die yearly https://bit.ly/38bWP0Z . It is improving but slowly. 

On a different front, Climate Change is being blamed on cows and suggesting that all cows should be killed to stop Climate Change and we are being poisoned to boot! Please see the answer to this in a made for tv video. This must see!!! Click here! 

The Japanese and China are both claiming to live the longest but I doubt China, and Japan have been leading this for over 40 years. Meanwhile  the US ranks 43rd in places to live.US health care is over priced and the testing is run by the FDA which for the last 10 years has been run by Monsanto Chemicals!. The seller of "Round Up"and it's settlements in the millions paid. Since it started in Europe. Obama used the Monsanto VP to run the FDA for 8 years and Trump is using Monsanto's legal counsel for 3 years! To me this sounds like the fox is guarding the hen house! 


Here are the toxins injected into cows to get a little more milk out of them and causing them to die sooner. Ampicillin, Penicillin, Gentamicinlin, Flunixin, Sulfamethazine, Gentamicin, Tilmicosin and Tetracycline. A little more milk is lie. Alkalized water produces more milk. Below is the written report by the vets and the farms. Please read the disclaimer below too. Please go to Click here!. Click on the cows and Monsanto up top. This is a must read for cow destroyers. Go on down to the article and watch the news video. This was passed down to me and video says where the real report is at and how this video was made for a TV program. For cow destroyers this is a must see at Click here! and see the report. This video is not mine and the owner is very clear so if you want to verify this ask them for a report copy and hopefully you saw the video here. We have the report of how having cows drink alkalized water did and you must ask for a copy of the report and post it!    

There are people who want to kill all the cows. Well it's hard to blame the cows per the massive report of many Veterinarians and farm reports blows this story sky high. Remember the disclosure below. My copy seems to have a few words out of place but this is a very well know company who has the original and I am sure we can find the original once you watch the video!! 

Next read the farms and veterinarians. This is alkalized water and makes the cows produce more milk, live longer, with less still births etc. This is the water of Japan and they drink the most of this unique alkalized water per person and live the longest and less still born cows! Guess what disappears? It starts with a M. 

If the cows are having trouble with drugs; what about us humans? Are we being prescribed to many chemicals? Here is my medical story is at Click here! and my over 120+ lbs of weight loss by drinking water. Their offices have classes to lose weight and I have many many videos here and I lost 127 points of Cholesterol and I am on my second pacemaker too! Why is Fluoride still in US drinking water? I think it started with Alcoa Aluminum for making those aluminum aircraft supporting our WWII effort? How is the water near the Pasadena Ca after rocket testing? What about our El Toro Marine Base water, is it polluted. and we know about Flint! Chemicals killed the cows sooner and they had more stillbirths. So why is this report still hidden. Ask them?

Here is the written News report of the Vets and Farms and a video of the news feed. Please read the page disclaimer below. Please go to Click here!  and click on the Cows and Monsanto link up top and go down to the article and watch the News Video. This was passed down to me and the video says who has the original copy and how it got made for a tv program and it's a story that needs to be told. THIS IS A MUST READ FOR THOSE WHO WANT TO DESTROY OUR COWS. After that you want to go to Click here! and watch the report and please read one of the pages down below. Here is my training site at Covid19sterilization.com to our world!  


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